Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not Guilty

Ten things (in no particular order) I feel guilty about.... (I got this idea from my sister-in-law's blog, Ceaseless Praise)

1. When I get more than 7 hours of sleep on a weeknight. I just hate the thought of sleeping away 1\3 of my life.

2. If I'm a poor testimony at work. It is so hard to maintain a good testimony for 40 hours each week. Which is really sad, because I'm supposed to be a good testimony 168 hours a week.

3. For the people in my life during my high school and college days that I treated like a jerk. I'm not proud of some of the ways I've treated people...I wish I could somehow make it up to them.

4. When I raise my voice at my wife. I still don't think I realize the full impact my harsh words have on her.

5. When I watch TV, play games, or surf the web instead of getting work done. This probably happens way more than I realize.

6. When I'm selfish in conversations, and don't ask people about their day\how they are doing. I do this a lot.

7. For leaving my friends in Ohio. This is one of those bizarre things that still comes back and bothers me. I know I left Ohio to go college, but I still just feel guilty about leaving.

8. When I don't listen very well to my wife when she tells me about her day. For guys, their day was either, "Good" or "Not Bad".

9. When I miss\don't create an opportunity to share with someone about my Savior, Jesus Christ. There's no excuse for this.

10. For being judgemental and not loving people like I should. I wonder how many people I have written off just because, "They rubbed me the wrong way." Imagine how many good friendships I've missed out on, because I was selfish and proud.
I'm not trying to wallow in guilt, just some honest reflection. I'm so grateful my sins are forgiven through Christ (though not every one of these is a moral issue), but I don't want to keep sinning so that grace may abound!


  1. Now you have to do another post- ten things you DON'T feel guilty about! :)

    When I ask Joel how his day was: "Fine." When I ask what happened: "not much." :)

  2. I'll have to think about that second post...stay tuned!