Monday, February 9, 2009


Once upon a time, there was a small country church nestled among the trees along Highway 68. The little baptist church consistently drew in an about 75 attendees each week. It was a tight knit community of believers, led by their beloved pastor, Pastor Smith. The church had no air conditioning, and during the hot summer months, they would leave the doors open in order to allow a slight breeze into the auditorium. This of course posed a few problems, one of which was a stray cat which would wander into the morning service and meander around the auditorium, distracting the parishioners. Pastor Smith decided it was time to remove this distraction from the morning service, and tied the cat up to the piano on the far right hand side of the auditorium. Each Sunday morning when the Pastor arrived at church, he would tie up the cat, and then let it go at the end of the day. Just a few months later, Pastor Smith moved away. Never fear however, because the chairman of the deacon board immediately took it upon himself to tie the cat to the piano each Sunday morning.

Eventually, as the church grew, they were able to afford air conditioning. Consequently, they shut their doors during the morning service, and the cat was no longer able to wander in from the outside. Oddly however, the chairman of the deacon board searched out the cat, hauled it into the auditorium, and tied it to the piano during the service. Several years past, the church grew in numbers, and still the cat was dutifully tied to the piano each Sunday morning. The "tying of the cat" even found it's way into the bi-laws of the church. After several years, the cat died. But, not to be outdone, the chairman of the deacon board immediately adopted a new cat from the animal shelter and tied it to the piano. Eventually, the chairman of the deacon board moved away, and the ritual of tying the cat to the piano was passed on to the current pastor. The pastor didn't really know why, but he didn't want to mess with tradition. Years past, and each and every Sunday morning, their was a cat purring underneath the piano during the service. And the cat lived happily ever after.

What "cats" do you have in your church?


  1. Oh, my goodness, what a funny story. Our 'cat' was our organ- and it finally broke & we couldn't afford to get a new one. So we got a keyboard and guess what- it works just as well! Also, we went from pews to padded chairs (which are SO comfy!), and you would've thought we were KILLING a cat by all the ruckus. :)

  2. VERY GOOD ILLUSTRATION JASON! I'd say something that deals with the music. Don't get me started. I enjoyed the story, I'm looking forward to more.