Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Short Stories

Stories for Twitter

Dark - Above everything else, Sara just wants to be loved.

Task - For his whole life, Seth has failed a very important task.

Stories for Blog

Townspeople - It was "good". 

Lied - A lie is addicting.

Solo - Who doesn't want fame?

Harbor Grace -A desperate father.  A dying son.

Lunch - A 50 word story.

Scab - An inconvenient prostitute.  A devious plan.

Paradise - A 50 word "pre-history" themed story.

2014 Creative Project

The End of Eden - A twist on a familiar passage.

The Parable of the Defendant - A pastor accused of heresy.

Finished God - God is done...with us.

Fate - You always have a choice.

Prodigal - A 50 word story.

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