Thursday, April 1, 2010


by Jason Hart
An eight part story written for Twitter in April of 2010


Once upon a time, God came to a man named Seth and offered, "I will give you whatever your heart desires - just ask."

After much thought, Seth responded, "For my whole life, I've failed a very important task. God, I want the strength to complete it."

God lovingly replied, "Oh, I know all about your task. I'll send someone to help you complete it - I'll send you a friend."

After a few months, a man came to Seth and claimed, "God sent me to give you strength to complete your task. My name is Pain."

"Pain?" Seth scoffed, "From God? You must be joking! God wouldn't send me Pain, He loves me too much. Just leave me alone."

After leading a life of ease for many years, Seth died angry and frustrated with God, never gaining the strength to complete his task.

In heaven, Seth confronted God, "Why didn't you ever allow me to complete my task? Why didn't you keep your promise?"

"Seth, you didn't fail because of Me." God countered, "You failed your task, because you wouldn't let Pain be your friend."


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