Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jason Hart

You are now reading what is most assuredly the least important bio known to man.

Think of me as, "Joe the Writer" (except I would have stumped for Jed Bartlett) - just an everyday guy working for you (and "the man").

I'm employed at a local Christian bookstore where I use my four years of Bible college training to help the elderly pick out greeting cards. I like to think I'm making a difference...which is kind of like saying, "At least I don't deal drugs."

In my spare time, I love to think, read, write, and teach. (according to the Wikipedia article I created for myself, I've won awards in all of these areas)

I am a Christ-follower, which is cooler than saying, "I'm a Christian" - but they basically mean the same thing. I'm someone who is trusting in Christ for my forgiveness - which, if true, means my entire life, behavior, and character are being conformed to His image.

I live in Hixson, TN with my beautiful wife, Emily.

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  1. Nice. Love the 'helping elderly pick out greeting cards - lol. :)