Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Passing the Baton

I began reading, "The Story of Christianity: Volume 1" today, and was particularly impacted by the following excerpt from the introduction.

Justo Gonzalez comments,
"There are episodes in the course of...history where it is difficult to see the action of the Holy Spirit...it will appear to many of us that the church has forsaken the biblical faith, and some will even doubt that such a church can be truly called "Christian." At such point in our narrative, it may be well to remember two things.

The first of these is that, while this narrative is the history of the deeds of the Spirit, it is the history of those deeds through sinners such as us...

The second is that it has been through those sinners and that church - and only through them - that the biblical message has come to us. Even in the darkest times of the life of the church there were those Christians who loved, studied, kept, and copied the Scriptures, and thus bequeathed them to us
." (Page xvi, bold text mine)

I am very humbled at the reminder of the faithfulness of those who, shortcomings aside, so loved the Scriptures that they dedicated their life to passing it on to the next generation. During my brief, yet (and I don't say this arrogantly) significant life, I hope to be counted among those doing the "passing".


  1. Neat post - great reminder that we need to be working on 'passing it on' no matter what we're going through!

  2. This is the main reason I want to study Church History. I love that people in the past loved god's word so much that they were willing to die to make sure it passed on. I also, hope to be a passer.