Sunday, August 14, 2011

Book Endorsement Sunday: #2

"131 Christians Everyone Should Know"


Mark Galli
(with the editors of Christian History Magazine)


Holman Reference


October 1, 2000


Each 2-5 page chapter in this hefty 384 page book focuses on one individual in Christian history. What's helpful about this book is that it divides the 131 people into several different categories: Theologians, Evangelists and Apologists, Pastors and Preachers, Musicians, Artists and Writers, Poets, Denominational Founders, Movers and Shakers, Missionaries, Inner Travelers, Activists, Rulers, Scholars and Scientists, and Martyrs.

If you're looking for an introduction to some fascinating characters in church history, this is the book for you. The chapters are short so it's great to read right before you go to bed. I really enjoyed reading this book because it helped deepen my appreciation for the diverse stream of Christians throughout history who have taken a stand for Christ.

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