Thursday, May 19, 2011


Do you ever feel guilty about all your stuff?

I do. And I work in retail. Where I make a living selling people stuff. (albeit "Christian" stuff, but stuff nonetheless)

So what are we supposed to do with all of our stuff?

Should we hoard it all? And then go out on get-stuff missions and return to our castles with a car full of loot? And then build bigger barns to store it all in? Until we have everything we ever wanted?
Or maybe we should forsake it all. Shove up our noses at it, and give away everything even remotely resembling stuff. And then live as a beggar, living off of the people who actually have stuff.

But maybe there is a third option.

Maybe we should view our stuff (no matter how much we have) as an undeserved blessing - designed to be used for the glory of God.

Remember what God told Abraham in Genesis 12:2,

"I will bless that you will be a blessing."

Isn't this what the hit song, "Blessed be Your Name" by Matt Redman teaches?

"Every blessing You pour out,
I'll turn back to praise."

It's harder to catch, and perhaps in the framework of a different worldview, but country music star John Rich said something similar on the Celebrity Apprentice.

"...this show gives me the unique opportunity to take everything I have built with my life and my career, and use it on behalf of children at St. Jude's. [John Rich's charity] And to me, that is a once in a lifetime opportunity."


Use what we have, for a purpose greater than ourselves.

Check out this letter sent to David Platt from one of his church members,

"After spending a week around precious children who eat a small cup of porridge a day, the question I have come back to Birmingham asking God is why he has blessed me when others have so little. And this is what God has shown me: "I have blessed you for my glory. Not so you will have a comfortable life with a big house and a nice car. Not so you can spend lots of money on vacations, education, or clothing. Those aren't bad things, but I've blessed you so that the nations will know me and see my glory." All my life I have completely disconnected God's blessings from God's purpose, and now I realize what I had never seen. He blesses me so that all the earth will see his glory!" (Radical, pg 84)

Maybe the challenge then, is to find the connection between our stuff, and the purpose of God.

And to stop feeling guilty about all of our stuff.

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  1. Very good. Sometimes it's hard to understand why God gives some so little & some so much & it can be easy to feel guilty for what we have - but some people who God has given a lot financially just use that to bless others & support missions - if nobody had any money, there would be no missionaries! Anyway, thanks for sharing! :)