Thursday, February 19, 2009

Racist, Tastless, or Hilarious?

I agree, it's just plain bizarre and unacceptable, and "I don't know what they were thinking..." either. Whether or not the artist was trying to be racist, the cartoon is tasteless. The chimpanzee incident is no laughing matter (considering someone was seriously injured), and neither is a chimpanzee being equated with the White House (i.e. the President). "Are we having a full moon tonight?" - priceless.

I appreciated your initial statement, " a proud black man I don't look at a chimpanzee as an African American. I don't look at it as a reflection of who I am and who African Americans are in this country." However, I think you're wrong in not acknowledging a differing (and frankly, obvious) interpretation of the cartoon. It's a pretty offensive cartoon, I don't think people in this case are "looking to inject race" in the issue.

You really need to take "Manners 101" from Ron. If you want to be heard, you need to show more respect in your response. You can't just laugh off a viewpoint, and calling someone "delusional" isn't usually a good idea if you're trying to get your point across. You're a good writer, and I enjoyed your article more than this interview.

Which commentator (David Gergen, Ron Christie, or Roland Martin) do you agree with and why?

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