Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just Stop While You're (not) Ahead

What's up with Sarah Palin attacking the media lately? She needs to just cut her losses (painful though they may be) and get out of the spotlight for a while. If she wants any chance of running for President in 2012, she needs to stop rehashing her interview woes and just chill out in Alaska for a couple of years. Seriously, who are her advisers? (Hint: Fire!) Palin has been one big public relations flop from the word, "go".

So that I don't come across completely one sided, I totally understand CNN is biased and will over-dramatize anything. That said, some of her interviews were absolutely awful, and I doubt even Sean Hannity could have made them look good. Palin's honeymoon stage with the media lasted for about, oh, six hours. Once the media (an admittedly vague term) turned on her it was lights out for Hockey Mom of the Year. Palin tried to recover, but all her flailing (and winking) just sunk her deeper into the quicksand of the liberal left.

Now, a couple of months after the election, Palin still can't let sleeping dogs lie. Fortunately for Palin, America has an extremely short memory. My advice? Just fade into the background and pretty soon we'll all be talking about items of real importance (like the next Brangelina baby). Then, when you are ready (and I mean really ready), re-present yourself to us. It will be like a re-birth and we'll all say,

"Palin, we hardly knew thee."

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